TEAM Launch Responsive Website

In 2006, we launched our first website.  At that time, it was perfect both for our needs, and that of our clients.  However, in nearly 10 years, technology has moved forward at brake neck speed and people now uses all sorts of different devices to view the web.  Mobiles, tablets, smart televisions, as well as the more traditional desktops and laptops.  In order for a website to be easy to read and navigate on all these devices, the website needs to be “responsive”.  That is, it needs to respond differently depending on the size of the viewport on the device viewing the page.

Great news!

Our new website, developed by BSolve IT Limited is a fully responsive and retina ready website.  At TEAM, we are very excited about our new website, and what we can do with it.  It is our hope that you will be just as pleased with it.

Our content will be regularly updated, and we will keep you updated with regular news and articles.

Stay Tuned!

a student that work with a laptop